Real Estate Facts, Knoxville Summer 2018

Market Trends

1. The average median home is currently valued at just slightly over $130,000. 40% of houses in our area are valued at $114,001-$229,000 and 32% are in the range of $57,001 to $114,000. This means over 2/3rds of the houses available on the market in Knoxville are within a reasonable price range for most families!

2. There are over 80,000 homes and apartments available for interested parties to move to Knoxville. If you had any concern Knoxville would not have enough residential variety for your tastes, this concern is now solved.

3. More than half of the homes in the area have a good lifespan to them. 40.4% of houses in Knoxville were built between 1970 to 1999 and 12.3% of them were built between 2000 to 2018.

4. More than 70% of homes are single-family sized with 2 bedrooms slightly edging out 3 bedrooms at 37.3% to 33.9%, respectively.

5. The ten safest neighborhoods in Knoxville are:

1. Shady Grove/Choto Estate
2. Neyland Drive/Kingston Pike
3. Temple Acres
4. Robinson Crossroads
5. Fox Fire Subdivision
6. Copper Ridge/Beech Grove
7. Bonta Vista Estates
8. Cedar Crest North/Whispering Hills
9. West Emory
10. West Gallagher Ferry Road/Frank Herron Road

With these items and more in mind, it's no wonder Knoxville becomes a great life opportunity for those interested in moving here! If you would like to see an incredible Knoxville home, call us today at 865-694-5904.

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